Boston Valley Animal Hospital

7333 Boston State Rd
Hamburg, NY 14075





Drop Off and Pick Up Times:

→ Between 8-10 AM and 3-5 PM Monday - Friday

→ Between 9 AM - 1 PM on Saturday

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→ Does my cat need to be current on vaccines?

YES - You will need to provide proof that your cat is up to date with their FVRCP and Rabies vaccines

→ Do i have to be a registered client of Boston Valley Animal Hospital in order to use your boarding facilities?

NO - In this circumstance you would simply need to provide proof of current vaccination for your cat/s

What should i bring for my cat to have with them while they are boarding?

The only thing that we ask you provide is your cat's usual diet in order to avoid any stomach upset that could occur with a sudden change in diet. We will provide bedding and bowls etc If for some reason you are unable to provide your own cats food there will be an additional $2/day diet charge.

Can i bring my cats own bed and bowls instead?

YES - We are more than happy for you to bring items that are familiar to them if you prefer. We want them to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their stay with us. 

→ What about bringing my cats favorite toys and brushes?

YES - We do allow personal toys and brushes to be brought with your cat for the time they are boarding with us. Please try to avoid bringing highly valuable items though in case they get batted out of their kennel as they have the potential to get lost especially when small!

Will my cat get to play with other cats that are being boarded?

NO - As much as we would like for our guests to play nicely together it wouldn't always be that way. For your pets safety we keep all of our boarders in their own respective kennels where they receive individual attention. Your cat will also be boarded in a separate cat only boarding room, and away from the dog boarders to minimize their stress.

My cat uses a litter other than clumping granules and is very fussy about what he/she has in their litterbox - can i bring my own litter?

ABSOLUTELY - We want your cat to feel at home and be comfortable to void normally especially if they are a male cat. 

→ My cat has a special need or medical condition, can he/she still be boarded?

In most cases we will be able to accommodate your specific pets needs and medical condition. If we are not already aware of their health condition through ongoing care, then please call us so that we can discuss their needs with you prior to you scheduling boarding with us. At the time of admission you will fill out paperwork regarding any medications that are being given and when. This enables us to continue with their normal health care regimen while they board with us. 

→ Does a staff member provide overnight care of my cat at the hospital?

There are no overnight staff that stay on site at the hospital. The assistants at our hospital are responsible for providing care to your cat during their stay and they begin their shifts at 7 AM. Over the weekend there are kennel staff that are scheduled to provide care to your cat at various times of the day. In the case of an emergency one of our veterinarians will be contacted immediately.