Boston Valley Animal Hospital

7333 Boston State Rd
Hamburg, NY 14075


Our low cost spay and neuter clinic for cats is exactly that. Quality and standard of care is as high as any other surgical procedure performed at the hospital, and there are no hidden fees. We offer this at our hospital as we recognize that there is a need, particularly for population control of outdoor feral/barn cats, and it gives us an opportunity to give back to our local community in a small way. 

→ Offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays weekly

→ All cats will be examined to determine they are healthy and eligible for the No Frills Spay & Neuter Clinic

→ Cat Neuter $75 / Spay $100

 By appointment only 

→ All cats must have prior proof of vaccines or they will be required to be vaccinated on the day of surgery (additional fee). 

→ If fleas are found on a patient then they will need to have a topical treatment applied (additional fee) in order to protect other patients in our care

 Feral cats welcome in traps

  → If desired, nails will be trimmed as a courtesy


Should any health concerns be identified with a patient, medical staff will discuss with you diagnostic steps warranted prior to pursuing the surgical procedure. In this circumstance it may be determined that they are not eligible for the No Frills Spay & Neuter Clinic ←

If you have additional questions or wish to schedule a surgical appointment please call: 716-312-0300